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The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Patented pressure reducing technology was originally introduced into the health care industry (hospitals, nursing homes & home care) in 1997 for the treatment and prevention of bedsores (decubitus ulcers). The clinical efficacy was immediately recognized and substantiated among a wide representation of doctors and researchers. The physical mechanics of this technology makes it the best mattress, not only for those suffering from back pain, but benefits all individuals including those with the following health conditions and diagnoses: Spinal Disorders & Back Pain, Back & Neck Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Scoliosis and Degenerative Diseases.

Natural Air Positioning (NAP) Technology is a BRAND NEW development in mattress technology. It creates an environment in which sleep is easily achieved and the sleeper's body is fully supported. The mattress responds to a person’s body weight and shape, which creates as little pressure as possible on the body. It does not matter what size a person might be or if they sleep on their side, back or stomach, the system adjusts to the specific sleeper. It does this naturally without pumps, electronic devices or motors. Even if a sleeper moves throughout the night, the mattress adjusts to the change in position and shift in weight.

MyErgo Bed provides you with the best mattress for a better nights sleep because stress and pressure on the body is reduced. Pressure is what leads to soreness, lower back pain and inflammation in the morning. In cases where a person is bedridden, pressure leads to bedsores and ulcers. There is only slight pressure on a person's skin while they are sleeping or lying in bed. No matter what a person’s position and how long they are in that position, the mattress adjusts so pressure is never enough to create soreness or lower back pain. A Self Conforming mattress creates limited pressure and makes sleeping comfortable.

Mattresses with self conforming technology are filled with air. They have independent air cylinders that have air valves for taking in and expelling air. Each valve has its own monitor that regulates and maintains the exact scientific pressure in each cylinder. As a person puts weight on the cylinders, the air pressure is adjusted so there is never a harmful amount of pressure. The mattress truly creates a feeling of sleeping on air. The mattress constantly monitors a sleeper's position and adjusts the air beneath his or her body. We believe that's what makes these the best mattresses on the market for backpain.


MyErgoBed is one of the nation's leading suppliers of pressure relieving air beds, adjustable beds and luxury memory foam mattresses. MyErgoBed has been proven to be the best mattress for improving comfort and REM sleep that our technology is used in many top hospitals and healthcare facilities around the World.

Our mattress has also been chosen as the bed-of-choice for luxury hotels worldwide. We utilize only the best quality materials in our beds, from up to 80 automatically self-conforming air cells in our air mattresses, to the ease and flexibility of our adjustable bases to our memory foam mattresses featuring our unique open cell technology. Each bed is designed exclusively for an individual's unique sleep and health needs.

There's a reason why so many hotels and healthcare facilities and chiropractors choose our beds and mattresses for their guests and patients. Simply put, no other bed manufacturer puts as much into the research and development phase of luxury mattress design and construction.

Most adjustable beds on the market are severely limited in their design. But MyErgoBed's adjustable bed is capable of multiple angles so pressure points and back pain can be relieved and maximum comfort realized at the touch of a button..

Featuring the latest sleep technology in adjustable bed design, our beds can even come with built-in massage functions for maximizing circulation and soothing aching muscles.

Quiet, flexible and completely customizable, MyErgoBed's adjustable air beds are the best you can find on the market - at a price that's less than what you might pay for a regular mattress or memory foam mattress. Click here to learn more about the MyErgoBed adjustable air bed features and sleep and health.

The best mattress will create a healthy sleeping environment and provide peaceful, comfortable, restorative rest. Our mattresses are so effective at relieving back pain and pressure, and allowing for restful sleep, they are used in nursing homes and hospitals in over 40 countries.

They are effective for people who are unable to move and the prevention of bed sores. The mattresses adjust perfectly to the contours of a person's body. They also provide the needed support for the spine to prevent back pain and tossing and turning.

A Natural Air Positioning (NAP) Technology mattress works by providing a customized, comfortable, ergonomic night of sleep to users that they are unable to get with any other kind of mattress. This improves health and makes sleeping something that is restorative and rejuvenating instead of a painful chore.

MyErgoBed's air beds feature our patented Natural Air Positioning Technology (NAP). This advanced system is designed to contour to your body no matter what your sleeping position. They virtually eliminate pressure points, properly support your spine and reduce your overall body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably and soundly than ever before. A traditional spring mattress absorbs one's body weight whereas our patented air beds actually displace body weight. That is the key to MyErgoBed's breakthrough Self Conforming Technology and a better night's rest.

Think about it - Sleep Number® beds feature two air chambers that don't change once you set them. While they may be set for the position you're in when you initially lay in bed, they're not designed to change with your body as it moves throughout the night, which according to The Sleep Foundation is between 60 and 100 times each night.

MyErgoBed air beds, on the other hand, feature up to 80 individual air springs (40 on each side) that adjust automatically to your body's position all night long so you're always properly supported, regardless of how you're positioned. Our ingenious design requires no electricity, relying on ambient pressure and gravity to ensure optimum air-fill in each independent chamber as they adjust to your body's pressure.


The Natural Form Sleep System air mattress had such a positive impact upon sleep satisfaction that it was chosen as the mattress of choice for every Hilton Garden Inn hotel room worldwide.