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The Best Mattress for Back Pain

MyErgoBed's line of medical grade sleep surfaces starts with the therapeutic intelli-GEL® mattress, which provides not only terrific support, but also excellent comfort and pressure relief - 80% better relief than any retail mattress.

Engineered by collaborating closely with top sleep doctors, intelli-GEL® sleep technology is the most advanced technology available for home use on the market today. Intelli-GELL® is the same technology used in hospitals for patients whose lives depend on sleep - and is now available to the consumer for the first time.

The physical mechanics of this technology makes it the best mattress, not only for those suffering from back pain, but benefits all individuals including those with the following health conditions and diagnoses: Spinal Disorders & Back Pain, Back & Neck Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Scoliosis and Degenerative Diseases.

MyErgoBed provides the best mattress for a better night's sleep by reducing stress and pressure on the body. Pressure is what leads to soreness, lower back pain, and inflammation in the morning. In cases where a person is bedridden, pressure leads to bedsores and ulcers. No matter what a person's position and how long they are in that position, our mattress is designed so pressure is never enough to create soreness or lower back pain. Intelli-GEL® limits pressure and makes sleeping comfortable.

The column buckling design of intelli-GEL® is smart enough to know where to support your body and where to collapse to provide pressure relief so that you don't cut off blood flow to your shoulders and hips. It is proper blood flow that prevents tossing and turning which allows you to achieve the stage III and IV sleep that your body needs to repair itself so you feel refreshed the next morning.


MyErgoBed is one of the nation's leading suppliers of pressure relieving mattresses and adjustable bases. Our beds are used in top healthcare facilities and are proven to be the best mattresses for improving comfort and increasing REM sleep.

Our beds utilize Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, advanced medical grade materials that are built to perform better and last longer than any bed on the market. In addition, each bed is designed exclusively for an individual's unique sleep and health needs.

There's a reason why so many healthcare facilities and chiropractors choose intelli-GEL® beds for their patients. Simply put, no other bed manufacturer puts as much research and development into mattress design and construction.

Most adjustable beds on the market are severely limited in their design. MyErgoBed's adjustable bed is capable of multiple angles so pressure points and back pain can be relieved and maximum comfort realized at the touch of a button.

With the latest sleep technology in adjustable bed design; our built-in massage functions maximize circulation and soothe aching muscles.

MyErgoBed's intelli-GEL® beds are the best you can find on the market - at a price that's less than what you might pay for a regular mattress or memory foam mattress. Click here to learn more about the MyErgoBed bed features and sleep and health.

The best mattress will create a healthy sleeping environment and provide peaceful, comfortable, restorative rest. Our mattresses are so effective at relieving back pain, pressure, and allowing for restful sleep, that they are used and referred by top medical professionals in the country.

Intelli-GEL® adjusts perfectly to the contours of a person's body. It also provides the needed support for the spine to prevent back pain and tossing and turning. Intelli-GEL® Technology works by providing a level of comfortable, supportive, pressure free sleep unlike any other mattress. This improves health, and makes sleeping restorative and rejuvenating, instead of a painful chore.

The patented Intelli-GEL® Technology is designed to contour to your body no matter what your sleeping position. It virtually eliminates pressure points, properly supports your spine, and reduces your overall body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably and soundly than ever before. A traditional spring mattress absorbs one's body weight, whereas our patented beds actually displace body weight. That is the key to the breakthrough Intelli-GEL® Technology and a better night's rest.

For example - a bed like Sleep Number® features two air chambers that don't change once you set them. While they may be set for the position you're in when you initially lay in bed, they're not designed to change with your body as it moves throughout the night, which according to The Sleep Foundation is between 60 and 100 times each night.

Intelli-GEL®, on the other hand, perfectly walks the line of being able to provide the absolute best support and alignment while still providing maximum comfort because of its patented column buckling design.


The Natural Form Sleep System air mattress had such a positive impact upon sleep satisfaction that it was chosen as the mattress of choice for every Hilton Garden Inn hotel room worldwide.