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Better Science Better Sleep. We're so good at sleeping, we can do it with our eyes closed...

What to expect from your new mattress... Let's take a closer look!

"How is your day today?..." Your answer to this question almost entirely depends upon the sleep you got the night before. Your new myErgoBed is going to help ensure you always answer with a "Zipity-Do-Da-Day"!

Our manufacturer has spent decades researching, discovering, and developing the best Pressure Free Sleep System available anywhere in the world. Not just because we say so, but based upon proven scientific studies and certifications to back up our claim.

Simply put, welcome to the Science of Sleep...





The World's Most Advanced Sleep System.

Self Adjusting Technology makes it nice to just be lazy.

As you know, your new myErgoBed features Self Adjusting Technology. But what is that really?

Self Adjusting Technology is a revolutionary, patented air suspension system that creates a pressure free surface which automatically adjusts to each individual’s body regardless of weight, type or size.

This technological breakthrough harnesses the atmosphere as an abundant resource of free energy. Using a process called Boyle's Law, 18 individual air chambers provide pressure relief through the automatic, silent intake or expulsion of air.

In clinical tests, it's been scientifically proven the even distribution of weight across the sleeping surface significantly reduces pressure on the body. Our proprietary technology enables the mattress to systematically conform to the unique curvatures of the spinal system giving you superior support and optimal weight distribution with no pumps, no motors and no electricity!

In other words, the mattress continually adapts to any body movements you make throughout the night in order to maintain total weight distribution no matter what your sleeping position.

It's an absolutely, amazing sleep experience...
Did you just crack a smile? Bet ya' can't wait to lay down on it...






You Each Get A Side Made Just Right

Drop the, "What's your number?" and
get into the zone.

How many times have you ever had to argue over adjustments in room temp because its "too hot" or "too cold"? Maybe, its the remote control and what channel to put it on (of course, except on Sunday or Monday nights during football season)? Or what about who's cooking dinner and who's doing dishes?

Well, not with your new self adjusting myErgoBed you won't!

If you have a King or Queen size, your mattress has two individual sets of air chambers with "Comfort Zone" controls for each side. You will both sleep soundly as each side automatically adjusts to create your very own "Comfort Zone".

No fuss, no guess work, it's all done automatic!




Tips on How To Sleep Better

Warranty Information

No other mattress in the world is backed by the manufacturer for 20 years. It's a sleep industry first. Your new myErgoBed will give you sound, pressure free sleep for many years to come and may be the last mattress you'll even need to buy.

Warranty Highlights:

  • 20 Years on the Mattress*
  • 5 Years on all Mattress Toppers*
  • 3 Years on all Mattress Covers*

* Note: For specific warranty details, please read the owners manual included in the box your mattress is shipped in.



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