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The Ergonomic Pillow Difference

Our custom ergonomic pillows are specifically engineered to increase the amount and quality of sleep you receive every night.

MyErgoPillow offers the first and most advanced pillow fitting system that scientifically customizes your pillow density and support to your body type and sleep style. The design and ingenuity behind MyErgoPillow was developed in 2004, by a chiropractor, Dr. Mark Hooper.
After 25 years of practice and trying virtually every pillow on the market, Dr. Hooper found little success in matching the right pillows to his patients. After recommending new sleep positions, countless specialty pillows, and numerous "state of the art" sleep aids, he realized his patient, and people in general, were not finding pillows that were made specifically for them as individuals. Combining years of research with his expertise and experience, Dr. Hooper developed a pillow fitting system based on varying body types, sleep positions, and personal preferences.
The people at MyErgoPillow have developed a breakthrough-computerized custom pillow fitting system that addresses many of these problems. By taking an individual's personal characteristics (such as, gender, height, weight, sleep position, chest size, head size and mattress density) a custom bed pillow can be constructed to support the head and neck thus diminishing neck pain and pressure. A properly fitted bed pillow takes the excessive stress and strain off the neck thus promoting better sleep, spine health and alignment.

Contact us today for a Sleep Assessment so we can have your own personal custom pillow built today.

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