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The Benefits of REM Sleep

REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, occurs at least three to five times during a full night of sleeping. It is something experienced by everyone who is able to get a complete night of sleep. It is the fifth phase in the sleeping cycle and arguably the most important. The average sleeper enters into REM sleep about an hour and a half into their night of sleep. It is the time when the mind releases memories, emotions, and stressful thoughts and feelings. The body’s blood pressure and heart rate might increase during REM sleep, twitching might occur, and breathing becomes deep and heavy. When you are watching someone during REM sleep, it might seem like they are uncomfortable or in pain, but that is not the case.
So why is deep, restorative REM sleep important to your health? There are several reasons. For starters, it is a time when the mind releases a number of things built up during its waking hours. Studies have shown that REM sleep also helps the brain to develop new skills and learn more easily while awake. It is the one of the sleep phases in which dreaming occurs. Many believe it is during REM dreams that the brain processes the information it took in during the waking hours of the day.
Disturbing someone during REM sleep leads to feelings of lethargy and tiredness the next day. The body prizes its REM sleep so much that when it is disturbed, it will take the opportunity to make up for it the next time it is sleeping. In order to function and have a healthy life, a person must get enough REM sleep during the night on the consistent basis. REM sleep affects a person’s mood and those who are getting a decent night of sleep will see improvements in their moods. REM sleep is important because without it your body is tired and unhealthy.
There are several ways to improve your night of sleeping and get more REM sleep. Adding sleep time is a great way to improve your chances of deep REM sleep. Many people do not get enough sleep. By adding just 30 minutes to your usual sleep time, you might see major improvements in how you feel while you are awake. It is also important to stay away from drinks and foods that affect your sleeping patterns. Helping your body sleep well is an important part of staying healthy. Deep REM sleep is important because it affects so many things about your waking life.

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