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Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain

Guaranteed To Eliminate Pressure Points, which Relieves Pain In Your Back and Neck

Our patented Intelli-GEL© system supports the unique curvature of the spinal system providing improved alignment support while maximizing weight distribution evenly across the surface which also relieves back / neck pain. This is critically important as even weight distribution has been clinically proven to reduce pressure on the body, whether you're a side, stomach or back sleeper. mattress to help relieve spine pain
mattress to relieve back and neck pain Sleeping on our backs is the healthiest position to sleep in; yet, most people can not do that since the curvature of the spinal system does not receive optimum support, and people have to change positions constantly to be comfortable. Sleeping on a Intelli-GEL© Technology chiropractor recommended mattress allows the body to lie in the anatomically correct position, relaxing skeletal muscles and providing proper alignment for internal organs and for our spinal system.

Better Than Visco Memory Foam Mattress


Our mattress is essential for eliminating back pain because it can contour to the natural curves of your spine and your neck. The difference is that the visco memory foam mattress does not support your back. It allows your spine to stretch in a way that creates or aggravates your back issues. A mattress that contours to your body in a way that is beneficial to your body is known as an ergonomic bed.

It is designed to help fill in the areas of your back that need extra support while still maintaining a high level of support to the rest of your body. We have each mattress custom made for you based on your pain areas and sleeping style. Whether you are looking for a King size mattress, a Queen size mattress, Full size mattress or a Twin size mattress we can take care of you.

Best mattress for back and neck pain
Best mattress for back and neck pain Chiropractor recommended, our mattresses feature a patented pain relieving technology. This advanced sleep system is the best mattress for back and neck pain because it is designed to contour to your body no matter what your sleeping position. Our custom built ergonomic mattresses virtually eliminate pressure points, properly support your spine and reduce your overall body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably and soundly than ever before. A traditional spring mattress absorbs one's body weight whereas MyErgoBed actually displaces your body weight. That is the key to our breakthrough pain relieving mattress technology. Try it risk free for 60 Night Trial in your home and you will be glad you did.  How to sleep with lower back pain.

MyErgoBed offers the best mattress for back and neck pain




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