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The First Adjustable Bed with Natural Air Positioning (NAP) Technology

The mattress features a patented air suspension system that’s been clinically proven to relieve pressure points and promote good health. This technological breakthrough is called Natural Air Positioning Technology. Harnessing the atmosphere as an abundant resource of free energy, our innovative mattress creates a dynamic surface that’s capable of automatically adjusting to each individual’s body regardless of weight, type or size.
In clinical tests, it has been scientifically proven that even distribution of weight across the sleeping surface significantly reduces pressure on the body. The mattress featuring NAP Technology is capable of producing that result. Our proprietary technology enables the mattress to optimally conform to the unique curvature of the spinal system providing improved support and even weight distribution.

Improve Your Health Through a Self Conforming Pain Relief Mattress

The Self conforming pressure relief mattress provides pressure point relief at all times regardless of what body type you have. Through a process called Boyle’s Law, our technology promotes deep REM sleep, the state in which the body rejuvenates and heals itself. With improved blood and oxygen flowing freely throughout our body, you’ll experience less tossing and turning and truly deep, restorative sleep – which is essential for optimum health.
Traditional spring mattresses are yesterday’s technology and science no longer accepts that design as being beneficial to the body. The reason – traditional spring mattresses absorb body weight, which actually causes one to sleep less effectively. The NAP technology mattress displaces weight so pain produced from pressure points is no longer part of the sleeping process.

Call myErgoBed today at 877-347-8207 and speak to one of our representatives about our industry-best adjustable bed pressure relief mattresses and be sure to ask about our free shipping and full 90-night Sleep-on-In Guarantee.

NOTE: Mattress only. Does not include foundation or metal frame.

*Please note that if purchasing a mattress only, without a matching foundation, an acceptable foundation must be used with the mattress in order for the Warranty to remain effective. Acceptable foundations are Platform Bed, Solid Wood Firm Foundation (no box spring), Waterbed Frame. Unacceptable foundations include box spring and other non-solid surfaces.




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