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Why are Proper Blood and Oxygen Circulation So Important While We Sleep? – Sleeping and Circulation

There are a number of things that occur in the body while sleeping that are very important. If the body is uncomfortable, encumbered, not properly supported, or exposed to the elements while sleeping, it will reduce the quality of sleep. Circulation is one of the main factors in getting a quality night of sleep. Why is proper blood and oxygen circulation so important while we sleep? Because it allows oxygen to move through the blood to the organs, transporting nutrients and passing waste through the system. If the body is not properly oxygenated, it will not be as healthy.
Sleep is one of the main times healing occurs. It is a time for the body to repair and restore. This restoration affects the organs, the tissue, and even the brain. Oxygen is necessary for healing. When bodies are not exposed to a sufficient amount of oxygen, they take much longer to heal. Depriving the body of oxygen during sleep means it lacks an important component for healing during the time in which it heals the most. Oxygen circulation and blood flow are important because they help the body heal.
You might be wondering how you can recognize whether your body is getting enough oxygen while sleeping. There are signs that alert you to when your circulation is poor. Your memory and concentration are affected. While sleeping, you will be unable to rest soundly and enjoy deep, restorative sleep. You might wake up groggy and experience blurred vision, dizziness, or faintness throughout the day. Upon waking you might also experience numbness or tingling in certain areas of the body, skin discoloration, and overall discomfort. Circulation is important because it makes it possible for the body to rest comfortably and slip into deep REM sleep.
Those suffering from poor circulation experience a variety of symptoms that can interfere with their daily lives. Though occasional nights of fitful sleep are common, long-term sleep problems can lead to serious health issues. Those who are not experiencing restful sleep because of circulation problems might suffer from migraines and other severe headaches, depression, moodiness, and stress throughout the day. A lack of sleep can also exacerbate other serious problems, making it impossible for your body to combat chronic pain and illness. Circulation and blood flow are necessary for maintaining good health while we are awake. If blood flow and oxygen are blocked or unable to circulate while we sleep, we lose out on the body’s most restorative opportunity to heal.




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